This first post is a little bit like the "first pancake" - a throwaway test run to see if the griddle is hot enough to go ahead with the real thing....

Although I have become pretty adventurous in recent years (trekking in the Andes to Machu Picchu, rappelling off cliffs, cave crawling, whitewater rafting, parasailing, ziplining through the jungle, or climbing the Mayan pyramids) I am sitting here at the computer frozen with anxiety at the prospect of actually putting my personal thoughts "out there". Like all new endeavors, the biggest hurdle is just closing your eyes and taking that first step (except that I am a hand-watching, two-finger typist so that approach is not going to work out very well for me here). This blog is a whole new and unfamiliar experience, but I am encouraged by my Blogmeister brother who assures me that there is a "Delete" and "Edit" button on this thing! So I will try to throw in a photo for practice (of my leap of faith off a cliff in Puerto Rico), post this pancake, and get that 'first step" out of the way. Ok, so where is that "delete" button again?...........


  1. OUTSTANDING- YOU ARE AWESOME! This will be a memorable moment. Can't wait to hear the next chapter in the Never Ending Story. Tip: don't have three glasses of wine first...those stories are best unpublished.

    CONGRATULATIONS - MUCH LOVE - Your older and wiser brother

  2. You have only done one page. You have a long way to go so get going. Peter